How to amd graphic drivers?

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How to amd graphic drivers?

Post by katana85 » 2019/07/15 10:27:52

Hi guys. I have installed Centos 7.6 yesterday on Toshiba laptop and so far so good.

But I have an AMD graphics card I would like to use. Can some one guide me? Note: I forget to take the model of the graphic card when windows was installed. Can I get that in Centos?


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Re: How to amd graphic drivers?

Post by tunk » 2019/07/15 12:11:35

You may be able to list the card by running lspci|grep VGA from the command line.

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Re: How to amd graphic drivers?

Post by w35l3y » 2019/08/02 22:43:46

hi, i am new, i came from Fedora becouse the amd grafic card is hard to work there, i have old card but work well here in centOS, an r9 380, i download the drivers in amd site and installed as explaned in docs, u can try, before i install the driver i only had 1024x768 resolution, now evertything is ok.

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Re: How to amd graphic drivers?

Post by TrevorH » 2019/08/08 18:50:18

If you think it's dififcult in Fedora, you haven't seen anything yet. CentOS is almost certainly going to be worse.
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