Any plans for WSL distro?

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Any plans for WSL distro?

Post by speedpacer » 2018/05/25 10:04:54

I know some people were able to get CentOS 6/7 running in WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) with a few third party github utilities but those seem to be broken since the 1806 update. It seems Fedora is working to get their distro in the Microsoft Store. Any plans for CentOS?

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Re: Any plans for WSL distro?

Post by mario.dietlein » 2019/02/27 14:04:17


googled... nothing found... are there any (in)official news for this topic?

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Re: Any plans for WSL distro?

Post by AlexDeJ0ie » 2019/03/06 10:24:15

I didn't find anything either. Unsuccessful searches on Google

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Re: Any plans for WSL distro?

Post by TrevorH » 2019/03/06 12:23:19

There are no current plans that I am aware of to produce a WSL distro for CentOS.
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Re: Any plans for WSL distro?

Post by » 2019/05/23 18:14:17

that's very disappointing. I enjoyed running centos under wsl.

Sad to see RedHat and Centos are slowly falling behind the times.

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Re: Any plans for WSL distro?

Post by aks » 2019/05/24 18:38:30

Na. Embrace the penguin! Leave the (extremely complex world) of Windows behind. Why virtualise what is (frankly clearly) a simpler, clear tech?

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