When can we see CentOS8?

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When can we see CentOS8?

Post by imes » 2019/05/08 06:35:37

Since RedHat has shown RHEL8 now, I want to know when can we see CentOS8? Maybe I can do something for CentOS8.

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Re: When can we see CentOS8?

Post by TrevorH » 2019/05/08 14:58:31

There is no ETA. The rebuild work has already started but you should be aware that RHEL 8.0 is very different from previous versions and considerable work will most likely be required to adapt the build systems to the new methods. I would not hold my breath waiting for CentOS 8 as it could be some considerable time.
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Re: When can we see CentOS8?

Post by linuxofcourse » 2019/09/03 08:15:01

Month later... Some of us really cant wait to use new features that will offer Centos 8, any update on progress?
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Re: When can we see CentOS8?

Post by jlehtone » 2019/09/05 05:31:40

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Re: When can we see CentOS8?

Post by MartinR » 2019/09/05 06:52:55

If you really can't wait, put your hand in your pocket and purchase RHEL. Otherwise be patient.

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Re: When can we see CentOS8?

Post by jeepster » 2019/09/15 01:02:40

You can get Springdale linux 8 already, which is very similar to Centos, if you are impatient.
Also Oracle 8 is out.

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