Kernel crond segfaulf error 4 in

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Kernel crond segfaulf error 4 in

Post by MEEE » 2018/04/12 02:07:05

Apr 12 10:02:01 centos-u7zz1y0e kernel: crond[13384]: segfault at 968 ip 00007f24562c6880 sp 00007ffe7ba33f60 error 4 in

this message, I got in every minute。Totally I got 70203 messages since last night.
what is that means?
How could I fix it?

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Re: Kernel crond segfaulf error 4 in

Post by TrevorH » 2018/04/12 08:50:27

That's the kernel reporting that there was a segfault, it's not the kernel itself segfaulting.

You appear to have a cron job set up to run once every minute and whatever you are running is buggy and crashing. Look in /etc/cron* and also in /var/spool/cron/* for the jobs that are scheduled and find all the ones that are set to run once a minute and examine them. Now fix whatever is wrong with it ;-)
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