Building KDE Plasma 5 for CentOS 7

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Building KDE Plasma 5 for CentOS 7

Post by digitaleagle » 2016/11/03 09:00:13

Hey all, new to the community here. Let me know if this is the wrong place to post this kind of stuff.
Went through the adventure of getting the latest KDE Plasma to build properly on CentOS 7.
I'm putting it together a kind of a tutorial for those who may not be too familiar with building KDE or compiling in general and want to avoid/get passed the horrid dependency nightmare that CentOS 7 can be for building KDE.
For many of you this may be too much of a "step-by-step" with a lot of information extracted from the existing KDE documentation, however I figured beginners who want to enjoy the best of KDE may benefit from this.

Feedback welcome, I want this to be useful to and geared towards those wanting to get savvy but maybe not quite there yet.

Link below links to what has been completed so far:

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Re: Building KDE Plasma 5 for CentOS 7

Post by desertcat » 2016/12/30 12:20:22

I don't know what version of KDE 5.x Fedora is using, but I find KDE 5.x to be a PITA -- I refuse to use it. One reason: things that I am currently doing in CentOS 7.3 with KDE 4.14 I can't do in KDE 5. Examples: I have 10 VD each with a separate Wallpaper and each with a separate set of widgets. Go to Virtual Desktops and check the box that says "Different widgets for each Desktop" and be on your merry way. Even KDE 4.x had by at least 4.4 a step-by-step how-to to configure KDE 4.x. KDE 5.x?!? Still no How-to, still no video, still no YouTube, still no nothing. At least KDE LISTENED when they released 4.x and USERS started SCREAMING!!! How hard is it for KDE to add a check box that says, "Different widgets for each Desktop" like they did in KDE 4.14? Instead of going FORWARD they are going BACKWARDS. Instead of making KDE 5.x EASIER to use they make it much HARDER and more COMPLEX to use, and there is STILL NO man, video, etc. While I have used KDE since I've used Linux, if I am forced to choose between KDE 5.x and GNOME, I'll use GNOME, even if I have to start over. KDE 5.x is GARBAGE!!!

If you really want to help KDE USERS everywhere -- including here in CentOS -- instead of "Building KDE Plasma 5 for CentOS 7" how about creating the DOCUMENTATION that shows us how to have different wallpapers on each VD, how to have a separate set of widgets for each VD, etc., and take us step-by-step and show us how to use it first. In its current form and lacking DOCUMENTATION that TELLS USERS HOW to do the same things they are currently doing KDE 4.14, KDE 5.x is nothing more than a Giant Smelly Turd. What is a piece of cake to now do in KDE 4.14 can't be done in KDE 5.x. The lack of documentation in KDE 5.x is unforgivable.

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Re: Building KDE Plasma 5 for CentOS 7

Post by wayneeusa » 2017/07/28 19:55:06

I use CentOS with KDE plasma 5 too. Since you're an avid CentOs user, would you happen to know how to connect a bluetooth adapter that isn't recognized? I have an Intel ac 8265 combo wifi and bluetooth adapter in my galago pro. The wifi works fine with CentOS, but unable to use the bluetooth so far. Configurations say no bluetooth adapter recognized .. connect one.

Newbie wayne

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