Version Type for VPS

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Version Type for VPS

Post by jules54 » 2016/05/12 18:40:50

My local box is a 32-bit windows machine. The server I want to emulate is a 64-bit Centos5.11 server. Can I install the 64-bit version in my Virtual Box?

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Re: Version Type for VPS

Post by gerald_clark » 2016/05/12 19:46:21

I'd say no, but this is a Windows question.

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Re: Version Type for VPS

Post by TrevorH » 2016/05/12 21:10:14

I believe VirtualBox can run 64 bit guests on a 32 bit host but only if you have VT-x both enabled and present on the processor and in the BIOS. But as Gerald says, this is not really a question for us though I would recommend asking the VirtualBox guys the question if you want an accurate answer.
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