Bash Script Management

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Bash Script Management

Post by EL_Beginner » 2015/04/21 04:40:53

Hey guys and gals,

Super off topic here. But looking for a good input/feedback on this. Basically I’ve recently took over administration of a large dev environment of CentOS servers and slowly and steadily trying to make things neater around here. I gotta admit to being a little over my head but slowly things are improving.

Problem: Scripts lack any sort of standard here. And we have HUNDREDS of them with no documentation to speak of. I finally got GIT setup, so we’re checking in there. But the dream is to get a good template and create a wrapper to create new scripts. Ideally some sort of documentation GUI to go with it.

I am hoping you guys and gals have a few templates and script creating wrappers I can borrow from.

Bonus points: Something like Python’s LINT for checking Bash that easy enough to setup.

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