Dual high res monitor problem

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Dual high res monitor problem

Post by jerrysfs » 2015/02/09 23:02:05


I am having trouble setting up a dual high res monitor setup for one of my team.

I have an i5 processor, 12GB ram and a NVS310 graphics card with dual displayport connections. The monitors are Acer 2560x1600 27" beasts. If I have one plugged in I get full resolution on it. Software was updated today.

If I plug the second monitor in with display port, the gui display configuration tool finds it but no video is seen. If I change the cable to the second monitor to a displayport->DVI cable, it gets limited to 1920x1200 and the display shows up as part of the disktop. If I limit the resolution to the same setting on the displayport cable, still no video. Before doing the update, I was able to get both monitors running on displayport cables at full resolution but have not been able to reproduce that.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to work this out?


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