Laptop taking too much power CentOS7

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Laptop taking too much power CentOS7

Post by AbdealiJK » 2015/01/30 16:23:24


I have been a general Ubuntu user, but wanted to try out CentOS ... So, I downloaded and installed CentOS 7

Here is my getinfo :

I have a Sony Vaio i7 laptop with an AMD graphics card.

Problems :
My laptop gets heated a lot and my fan is running at full speed at all times. My estimated battery life is less than 1 hour.

I did not face these issues in Windows or Ubuntu ... So, I am wondering what I need to do so that this is fixed in CentOS.

Steps I took :
I installed PowerTop (I couldnt make sense of it) but went to "Tunable" and turned all the "Bad" to "Good"
Other than this, I installed acpid. Also, i tried, but wasn't able to install laptop-mode-tools - couldn't find this in any repo (?).

Updates 1:
Powertop says my discharge rate is 32Watts ! In ubuntu it was ~10Watts
Any ideas would be useful.... I looked at ... 28035.html but i am guessing this is not applicable for me because I installed the latest kernel (kernel-ml)

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Re: Laptop taking too much power CentOS7

Post by Atomic234 » 2015/02/02 23:43:18

uname from your getinfo data indicates you are still running the 3.10.0 kernel. Did you pick the ml kernel from grub at boot time?

I just posted about an intel_pstate bug which causes the CPU to run at full speed all the time with CentOS 7. Installing (and running) kernel-ml from elrepo resolved the problem for me.

Try the "cpupower frequency-info", "cpupower monitor" and "cat /proc/cpuinfo" commands to verify your CPU clock speeds.

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