virt-install on centos7 using vnc problem

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virt-install on centos7 using vnc problem

Post by 23198938a » 2015/01/04 16:09:40


i want to use virtualization in my centos 7 bos (host os with minimal install without gui), all pre-quisites already installed in my centos 7 box.

i use below command to start guest installatio

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virt-install -r 256 --accelerate -n centos7guest -f /var/lib/libvirt/images/centos7guest.qcow2.img --cdrom /mnt/CentOS-6.5-x86_64-minimal.iso --graphics vnc,listen=
i can see vnc listening in host os, but when i try to connect from vncviewer, in a few second vncviewer connected and suddenly vncviewer closed. I can see centos installation gui when vnc connected but less than 3 second vncviewer closed.

where i can get vncviewer log to analyze this problem? I can not find in /var/log/messages in the host os
why vncviewer suddenly closed after connected?

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