DHCP/DNS problems on Centos? It seems normal

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DHCP/DNS problems on Centos? It seems normal

Post by tiamatloc » 2008/07/05 12:44:16

I have just spent the better part of a week (and several gigs downloading) messing around with what i now describe as the most useless linux distro i have ever had the misfortune of trying.

I first tried Centos 5.2 and after 2 entire days of trying to get the thing to even connect to my network, googling, browsing these forums and generally tearing my hair out i finally gave up and tried Centos 4. Funny, i had exactly the same problem.

The issue seems to be ther DHCP simply does not work. Manually specifying the eth0 details gets me limited connectivity and DNS does not resolve, at all, which makes even that limited connectivity all but useless.

I'm using the test same box i have used for testing other linux (mandriva, fedora, SUSE, Ubuntu and a few others) and windows build and every other linux distro i have tried either works out of the box or requires a little nudge in the right direction. Centos it seems does not and as mentioned 2 entire days and access to all of the documentation on the entire internet has got me no closer to working. Several gigs of downloads completely wated and god knows how many reinstalls i have done now convinced that it was me messing up.

Well, given the sheer number of people having the same problem here i have had to come to the conclusion that it is simply Centos. Almost nothing i have seen here has been of any help whatsoever and the "gurus" of the community usually have the word "baffled" in the last post before they stop responding to people'd help requests. I wouldn't describe myself as a linux guru but i have a good idea of what i am doing and i have never had anywhere close to problems and feeling of complete despair i have been put through by this POS.

I have finally decided that i am just wasting my time on a project i could have had running in less than an hour on a better distro. I would just like to pass on my total annoyance at having had my time completely wasted when i could have just picked a DECENT distro and been working in a fraction of the time.

Thanks for the pounding headache.


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Re: DHCP/DNS problems on Centos? It seems normal

Post by AlanBartlett » 2008/07/05 12:52:44

Thank you for your criticism.

Please also tell [i]Red Hat[/i], as [b]CentOS 5 == RHEL 5[/b] (less [b]RH[/b]).

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Re: DHCP/DNS problems on Centos? It seems normal

Post by sillygilly » 2008/07/05 13:24:45

I've been reading this forum for a few weeks now and finally posted my own question (see the previous post to this one :) ). However one thing I don't get is why people are so negative and critical. In the case of the above post from 'tia', I'm just not sure I understand why they direct such negative criticism in the manner they do.

I can certainly understand the frustration of not getting something to work, and I too, have been banging my head against a brick wall, but in my case I put the problem I'm having purely down to inexperience, and a certain lack of understanding.

And at the end of the day I realise that this software hasn't cost me anything :D

Tia, I'm not 100% sure our problems are related but I have been experiencing similar issues so hopefully someone will be able to help us.


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Re: DHCP/DNS problems on Centos? It seems normal

Post by WhatsHisName » 2008/07/05 13:50:56

[quote]...However one thing I don't get is why people are so negative and critical...[/quote]


Untreated manic depression?


It can be a long list.

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Re: DHCP/DNS problems on Centos? It seems normal

Post by hvdkooij » 2008/07/05 14:31:44

This is rather ackward. I have been a longtime user of Centos and have installed it on a wide assortment of hardware. Getting decent performance from some graphics cards can be daunting. But the network is normally a no brainer.

As you failed to add any usefull details in regard to your network card there is no way to tell what went wrong.

But this is just a rant that may propably tell more abou the poster then it will tell about Centos.

What always puzzles me is that people install such a wide range of distributions on one computer. Computers are there to help us not to keep us occupied. If you have a distribution that works for you then stick with it.


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DHCP/DNS problems on Centos? It seems normal

Post by arrfab » 2008/07/05 16:39:06

Ok, let's close the topic (i'm smart enough to not delete it directly ...)
Anyway, i personally prefer not seeing people whining about misconfigurations and not asking for help with precise questions full of details ...

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