Root Read only and data on LVM

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Root Read only and data on LVM

Post by memon212 » 2014/05/06 07:07:21

Hello Linux Geeks

I am having issue as below in RHEL 5 issue is below secnario
issue ###v# root read only file system problem
--> i know soln as:- boot in single user mode | mount -o remount,rw /
But, this is LVM partition and so I did
### lvdisplay (i got below error)
file-based locking initialisation failed

So, i did lvdisplay --ignorelockingfailures #will display lvdisplay result.......
(I open and see the settings of LVM configuration file, settings are locking_type = 1)
There are many websites stating that to change locking_type settings to 3 or 0 but they also clearly mention that there is 99% changes of loosing data. So i don t do this change.

there are 3 different HDD which is mounted on seperate partition eg.
/dev/mapper/volmgrp01-logicalgrp01 mounted on /partition1 (100GB data)
/dev/mapper/volmgrp02-logicalgrp02 mounted on /partition2 (100GB data)
/dev/mapper/volmgrp03-logicalgrp03 mounted on /partition3 (100GB data)

All are LVM partition and mounted on different file

Steps I will take as per my knowledge:-
1. I will umount all 3 partition
2. Reboot server in single mode
3. remount /<root>
4. will check for fstab entry
4. init 5 or reboot

I have QUERY as below : - if I do above steps

QUERY 1: -
After rebooting server I will up successfully or not. If yes

When I remount all 3 LVM partition , whether it will rebuild LVM or not?????

Please suggest: -

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