[Help] About Participant in CentOS - knowledge sharing

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[Help] About Participant in CentOS - knowledge sharing

Post by damawu » 2008/11/27 08:33:07

Dear friends,
We are conducting a study on the motivation of the knowledge sharing on CentOS. Your experience of the read from and write to CentOS is very important to the design and management of this knowledge platform. The survey will take about two minutes. We deeply appreciate your help on answering the following questions.
After the survey is done, we will randomly select twenty persons and present them with USB 2GB Flash Drives. Besides, with each valid questionnaire, we will donate US $1 dollar to the CentOS.org. The result of this survey is analyzed in an anonymous way and is only regarded as the academic use. Please feel free to fill out the questionnaire. Thanks again for your time and valuable input.
May happiness and health be with you everyday!

★ On-line Questionnaire:

Shari S. C. Shang
Eldon Y. Li
Department of Management Information Systems,
National Chengchi University
Tel.: +886-2-82374038; Fax: +886-2-29393754 ; E-mail: s1213527@yahoo.com.tw

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[Help] About Participant in CentOS - knowledge sharing

Post by NedSlider » 2008/11/27 16:34:34

This post looked a little suspicious because the link points to an IP address (rather than a domain name) and also has no rDNS. The email address is also a generic yahoo address rather than a University email address.

I would suggest that in future you try to make it easier to verify that your requests for help are not suspicious by avoiding the items above.

That said, a whois search does confirm that the IP address in the link does fall within the University's netblock.

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