Why rebuild *everything*?

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Why rebuild *everything*?

Post by thebluesgnr » 2007/01/25 05:35:09

So, one can't distribute RHEL without stripping Red Hat's trademarks from it. Fine, in order to do that only a few packages from RHEL have to be modified (redhat-logos, etc).

Why does CentOS rebuild every single package from RHEL? Why not take all the srpms and binaries as distributed by Red Hat, modify the ones that include Red Hat's logo and name and distribute the result?

I was just wondering, that's all. Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all that work on CentOS.

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Why rebuild *everything*?

Post by arrfab » 2007/01/25 08:15:48

Because upstream releases only srpms on public ftp servers ... and you can not distribute rpms from one of your official rhn subscriptions on a machine without a valid rhn ...

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