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Updating question

Post by leaded » 2005/10/06 20:07:22

I've been all over this site several times reading up on CentOS as much as I can. I'm trying to get our development systems all switched over to CentOS, because of the ability to have 5 years of updates. I had to patch a couple Red Hat 9 and one Red Hat 8 systems the other day and it was such a mess! Yum would hardly even work because the servers kept halting. I dunno, I'm not concerned with that. I am curious about the updating process though. I've been using Fedora since Core 2, so I understand how it technically works; that's not my question. I read an article via DistroWatch.com that said how updates to CentOS's yum repos are to be done with 72 of Red Hat posting the SRPM. Before I read that, I thought CentOS did it's yum updates via the RHEL servers. But now it seems like there are a couple of maintainers for each CentOS release that watch for Red Hat to release SRPMs and then build them for CentOS before putting them in the CentOS repos. Is this assumption correct?

And will CentOS really keep up with the updates for 5 years? How can I be sure of that? If I install CentOS 4.x today, I should be able to successfully `yum update` for 4+ (since 4.0 has been released for a few months) years, right?

I couldn't find a clear answer on the website about exactly how this works and what guarantees are made about updates being available for all 5 years. Last question, does this include all of the extra repos too?

Thanks so much! Here's to hopefully converting to CentOS!!! :-D

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Updating question

Post by hordjr » 2005/10/09 23:52:54

Hi, check the menu Information/FAQ, should all be there. yum update gets you the latest, regardless if you have 4.0, even next year(s).
"How can I be sure of that?" No one can be sure of ANYTHING on this planet. But, donate yearly to CentOS helps with their support.

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