Error starting Oracle installer on Centos 4.0

Installation and support for Oracle DB on CentOS.
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Error starting Oracle installer on Centos 4.0

Post by srini523 » 2005/07/11 05:02:58

I am trying to install Oracle 9i R2 on centos 4.0 on my desktop. I compleed all pre installation steps including installing required RPMs etc. when Ii conned as oracle and try to start oracle installer it is erring out. I believe it has to do with Xwidows. I even exported DISPLAY=0:0.0. But oracle user can not start installer. Xclock does not show clock. But As root I can start Xclock. But no other user can run Xclock succcessfully. Is it a path related issue. how can I solve it. please help.


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Error starting Oracle installer on Centos 4.0

Post by hughesjr » 2005/07/14 01:18:57

Sounds like you are logging into GDM (the initial screen) as root and switching users to oracle in the terminal window:

before su - oracle_user try running this command as root:

[b]xhost +[/b]

(or login to GDM as the oracle user)

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