Firefox with flash player on 64 bit systems

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Firefox with flash player on 64 bit systems

Post by celsocos » 2009/03/26 16:40:37

Hello. The 64 bit version installs firefox 64 bits, but there is no flash plugin available.

The solution is to install Firefox 32 bits with the associated 32 bits plug-in. I could do it manually, however I have in the network 23 machines and I will update the CentOS soon (Version 4.7), I just trying to setup a network install with kickstart. How can I automate the browser/flash plug in installation? Should I believe there is some easier way than update manually all machines, so I will appreciate the support. I am a Linux user for a while but just recently I joined the team who try to manage the network... There is no Linux experts here so please I kindly require this information.

PS: The hardware is AMD Opteron 64 with 4Gb of RAM, with nvidia midrange graphics card.


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Firefox with flash player on 64 bit systems

Post by pschaff » 2009/03/26 17:16:45

Not a direct answer to your question, but the Adobe Flash 10 Alpha 64 bit plugin work for me on CentOS-5

Used an RPM from the following URL

Can't vouch for CentOS-4, nor do I know how to make it work in kickstart - please report back if you try it.

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Re: Firefox with flash player on 64 bit systems

Post by scottro » 2009/03/26 20:55:20

Like pjscaff, I can't really answer all your questions.

However, I have my own little writeup on installing 64 bit flash. Note, however, that I mention blacklisting it in /etc/syconfig/nspluginwrapper whereas others have said that can cause issues with SELinux.

At any rate my page is at
As for the manual installation, in this particular case, especially if you use the rpm mentioned at Fedora Forums, it's about 5-10 seconds a machine. Well, maybe a little longer but not much.

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