apt/yum amd 64

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apt/yum amd 64

Post by demian » 2005/05/10 19:28:58

Hi all, i have installed centos4 x86_64 on a AMD 64 and i'm tryign to profit from the facilities of apt/synaptic or yum/yumex
are there repositories avaliable? and what is best recomended? I' use apt-get/synaptic with Centos4 i386 which works fine with fedora3 repositories,
is it possible to use fc3 64 also with centos4 64? has anyone tried out?

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Re: apt/yum amd 64

Post by dsegall » 2005/06/20 21:41:55

In theory it *should* work, but I wouldn't do it. There are the same repos for most packages. Try:

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apt/yum amd 64

Post by z00dax » 2005/07/04 11:52:56

Apt does not work with x86_64 since it cant handle the mutli lib setup and that there are packages with 32bit and 64bit setup's in the same repository. You should stick with yum on x86_64.

yum is already included in the CentOS4/x86_64 distribution and installed by default.

If you are looking to run fc3 / fc4 rpms on CentOS - it's a good idea to get the source rpm's and build them yourself on CentOS rather than just import fc3 / fc4 binary rpm's.

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