Creating subaccounts (~subaccount/) and DNS non-subdomain?

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Creating subaccounts (~subaccount/) and DNS non-subdomain?

Post by Jun27 » 2007/09/27 23:03:06


I want to create a sub account on my domain and have it be pointed to a subaccount on another domain.. is this possisble? It's also important that this be perfectly search engine friendly/no side effects. I was hoping to do this with dns, but I don't see how.

for example:

I have a domain on a shared server
and I want to move the domain to a new server (dedicated centos server), but I want the contents of ~subaccount/ to remain on the old server. So whenever someone visits they would notice no difference whatsoever, the file structure would stay the same and be administered on the shared server.

Some important things to consider are: I don't have a dedicated ip address for the shared server, so I can't access the site by ip address.

I do not want to use any form of redirect - I might be able to move the contents to a new domain on the shared server - otherwise I'm pretty sure it would be impossible since no ip address.

I'm sure it's possible.. otherwise much of sites like would have to be on one server for the most part....

Thanks :-D

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