Tweak default firewall slightly?

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Tweak default firewall slightly?

Post by yogsodoth » 2006/11/24 17:39:49

Is there any way to get system-config-securitylevel to allow only specific IP addresses to connect to a port?

Basically, I'd like to open my mysql port only for a sepcific IP address. Is there any syntax for the open port list that would allow me to do this or do I need to install a different firewall config tool? If so, any recommendations?

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Tweak default firewall slightly?

Post by NedSlider » 2006/11/24 20:07:42

iptables is the command line tool for configuring the Linux firewall. I wrote a short tutorial for beginners here:

It's worth investing the time to learn iptables over any of the gui front ends.

Hope that helps.

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