Help on smartarray proliant & broken grub

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Help on smartarray proliant & broken grub

Post by astucale » 2011/03/11 17:29:17

This morning my customer's server failed to boot with a grub prompt. I've tried to boot with a live distro ( knoppix ) and i can see only partial filesystem. Nor can't read datas on tape ( dat 72 ). the server is a proliant...Can smeone help me in some way? I'm totally stuck with it !


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Help on smartarray proliant & broken grub

Post by pschaff » 2011/03/11 19:24:06

Welcome to the CentOS fora. Reading [url=]FAQ & Readme First[/url] is recommended for new users.

That is very minimal information to go on. Please read the above for tips on providing more data (such as exactly what errors you encounter, and what you mean by "only partial filesystem" for starters) to get better help.

Have you tried booting from installation media in rescue mode, or from a CentOS LiveCD that may be a better match for the installed system?

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