What should mean Clean Install?

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What should mean Clean Install?

Post by jodasi » 2005/03/16 13:59:32

I am preparing a new server to co-locate on our datacenter, we have choosen Directadmin do manage accounts.

In their pre-requisites i read:

"All we need is a clean install of Redhat"

What is the meaning of a clean install?

An installation without any changes on config files?

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What should mean Clean Install?

Post by arrfab » 2005/03/16 15:40:38

I suppose this means a Fresh install (and not an upgrade ....) without third-party tools like Webmin, linuxconf etc ....

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Re: What should mean Clean Install?

Post by devil » 2005/03/18 14:32:24

agreed, clean installtion is fresh installtion, not an upgrade nor any updates / patches or upgradation of available softwares, system as it comes out from box, ...

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