Use Centos 4.8 as a gateway direct to my modem

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Use Centos 4.8 as a gateway direct to my modem

Post by jsmith1981 » 2010/04/06 15:18:25

I have a big question here, well small question but major change in my home network.

Just fancied having a centos server as some kind of both caching server (using squid probably, unless someone has some improved other version they know of?).

But what I wanted to do, is have a server of my own (which I have, although its quite small, but I am only using my own computer), I just want to be able to have no firewall on my node that I work on.

Then use the computer as a general server for internet access, blocking some sites using Squid then making every user have to go down a more secure path of my own server if you like, just so it free's up some resources on my working computer.

I also want to use this old computer as a form of http server.

I was also wondering, would it be possible then to use this old computer as a dhcp server and use my relatively old, belkin router as a switch?

Its got the standard NAT firewall and dhcp server though.

How would I go about doing this? All it is, is making it so the servers always the first thing a user goes into for going to my site, like say a VNC server and stuff.

I do have the option though of going for another node as a server from a colleague at work thats wanting to flog a few old HP actual servers, not just a node working as a server like I have at the moment.

Some general help I would really appreciate.

For now its just, dhcp server, squid, http and ftp, with iptables as the firewall probably.

If someone can point me in the direction of some help I would be really greatful.

Jeremy. :-D

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Use Centos 4.8 as a gateway direct to my modem

Post by pschaff » 2010/04/07 22:32:27

Welcome to the CentOS fora. The following reading is recommended for new users:
[url=]Readme First[/url]
[url=]Installing Software[/url]
[url=]Where to Find Answers[/url]
[url=]How to provide information about your system[/url]

Should be do-able. Can't comment specifically on the router to switch as it depends on the particular hardware, but I have done something similar. A [url=home gateway router dhcp proxy fedora OR centos OR rhel OR "red hat enterprise linux"]targeted google[/url] turns up a lot of interesting hits. The first looks pretty good:

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