CentOS/Asterisk - Return Traffic Failure with two NICs

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CentOS/Asterisk - Return Traffic Failure with two NICs

Post by sadasupport » 2007/10/12 19:14:15

We have a CentOS ver. 4 box running Asterisk with a two network cards, let say that eth0 is (LAN) and eth1 (DMZ). Both Interfaces are behind a single Sonicwall TZ170 that’s separating the LAN and DMZ. There's a reporting server running on the Asterisk box that logs incoming calls and posts them on an external (hosted) website on eth1. When accesses the website from outside the office everything works fine. The problem is when we access the website internally (behind the firewall) the logging information doesn’t display. It appears that when traffic from the same LAN 192.168.1X on eth0, goes through the pubic internet, then back to eth1 on the Asterisk box, it tries to routing out eth0 instead of eth1 causing the connection to timeout. I have confirmed that if we take eth0 offline it works outside without any problems.

My question is how to force incoming traffic on eth1, that’s coming from the same subnet 192.168.1.X LAN on eth0 back out the same interface without missing up routing on eth0 for 192.168.1.X

For example, if users on 192.168.1.X open IE browses to the external website, the logging section will not display.
When we take the eth0 (LAN) on 192.168.1.X interface down on the Asterisk box, the logging section displays.

Any suggestion would be a great help,
Thank you,

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