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Post by Grasshoppa » 2005/04/13 17:17:57

Hello all:

I have just installed Centos 4.0 with server options on a dell that I am planning to use as a file server and a local lan firewall. I am experienced with Cisco (CCNA) and Micros$$$$ (MSCE), but I have zero experience with Linux. None, zip..I can say I have seen it because the Centos install was pretty straight forward. I have the hardware basics covered (2 nics) eth0 - Cable Modem (Road runner) eth -1 Local lan.

My first order of business is exactly this

eth0 (public) - Pulls addresses from ISP viah DHCP
eth 1 (private)- connected to Cisco 1900 switch for local lan in which all devices (3 PC's and a network printer) will have private static IP's

I want to first get my local lan up and running through the CENTos box and out to the Public cloud. I am assuming that I need to enable IP forwarding but I have no idea how to proceed.

I have played around with the Centos interface (GUI) and can see where different things are and how it is laid out but have no idea on how to correctly proceed.

Would love for some direction and I am not afraid of doind things via a terminal window. Hell, if it makes more sense, I can reinstall Centos so there is little or no GUI and do things strictly from the terminal.

Thanks for any and all help.


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Linux Noob

Post by Gawen » 2005/04/13 20:33:08

You need some basics in iptables, the fw and nat engine inside.

A good place to start:

A script that should come close to your needs:

For n00bs like us there is a nice web administration frontend, webmin.
First add Dag Wieers software Repository to yum

# Add in /etc/yum.repos.d/ a text file "RPMforge.repo"

# Install Centos and RPMforge GPG Keys (if missing)
rpm --import
rpm --import

# System update
yum update

# Add some packets
yum install -y mc webmin clamav clamd clamav-db spamassassin unzip unarj unrar unace snort ntop

(Norton Commander clone mc (a tui for your cli, started with "mc" in your console window), Webmin, a virus scanner, a spam filter, some unpackers, an ids and a traffic monitor, some admins toys...*g*)

After install point your browser to https://my.server.ip:10000. If not reachable from the start open port 10000 with
the command "iptables -I INPUT --dports 10000 -j ACCEPT" and try again.

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