recommend an eSATA card!

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recommend an eSATA card!

Post by Rbrt » 2008/06/05 15:49:27

Looking for an eSATA card to install in a couple of Dell Poweredge 830 and 840 servers running CentOS 4 (kernel 2.6.9) and CentOS 5 (kernel 2.6.17).

The page for this Adaptec card specifically mentions drivers for RHEL 4 and 5 so it looks like a safe bet:


Dell sells a SIIG card, but I can't seem to dredge up any reports confirming or denying its compatibility:


I've also read that support for Promise cards gets better after kernel 2.6.22, but that isn't an option for us right now.

Any recommendations would be great! Cheers

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recommend an eSATA card!

Post by pjwelsh » 2008/06/06 20:44:51

Ouch, no nibbles. I wanted to know this, also...

I can say from past experience that 3ware/AAOC has a VERY good product in their SATA cards!

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Re: recommend an eSATA card!

Post by tvleavitt » 2008/11/14 05:39:33

I'm using the Dell SIIG card at a client's site. Have two 750GB Samsung eSATA HD's attached. It works. But erratically, under RHEL 4.7... the drives are set up as Logical Volumes, but the system doesn't recognize them properly, about 75% of the time. Usually have to reboot the system multiple times before they magically work again. Very irritating. Will result in them being yanked shortly. Seems like there is some kind of initialization/timing issue, but I lack the time and energy to track down exactly what is going on.

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