refused smux peer

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refused smux peer

Post by x86phre3x » 2009/10/14 03:53:00


I am having a problem where /var/log/messages keep showing "refused smux peer" error as per below:

[code]Oct 14 10:32:30 hostname snmpd[23158]: [smux_accept] accepted fd 15 from
Oct 14 10:32:30 hostname snmpd[23158]: refused smux peer: oid SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.674.10892.1, password , descr Systems Management SNMP MIB Plug-in Manager[/code]
The SNMP was turned on to allow my NMS to monitor this server CPU, Memory and hard disk.

I am not very familiar with SMUX and do not know what it does and I hope somebody could give me an easy to understand guide. I do not remember configuring anything smux-related in this system ever.

If it helps, below is my snmpd.conf configuration (with modified details).

[code]rocommunity MyROCommunityString
sysLocation DataCenter1[/code]
This is the only thing I have in the snmpd.conf.

Can somebody help?

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