FireFox 1.0.3 security update

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FireFox 1.0.3 security update

Post by gandalf » 2005/04/16 21:31:50


"Firefox 1.0.3 is a security update that is part of our ongoing program to provide a safe Internet experience for our customers. We recommend that all users upgrade to this latest version."

i have build an RPM for CentOS/el

use it if you like. A have installed it without any problems English Version !!!


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Re: FireFox 1.0.3 security update

Post by devil » 2005/04/18 12:58:20

Thanks :-)

just a quick update to all the ppl trying upgrades from old verison to newer one, del yr profile (mozilla dir in yr hme dir) and re-create the profle, upgrading over old profile does keep firefox crashing ...

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Re: FireFox 1.0.3 security update

Post by z00dax » 2005/04/25 16:17:09

Firefox 1.0.3 is already available on the CentOS repositories. You should, if possible, use that since it integrares into the main OS pkg tree .

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Re: FireFox 1.0.3 security update

Post by osde-info » 2005/05/26 15:44:04

You may be interested that I have just run centos up2date up2date-gnome yum-conf and it has installed firefox 1.0.4 for me

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Re: FireFox 1.0.3 security update

Post by hughesjr » 2005/06/04 20:38:17

Yep ... another release.

[b]z00dax[/b] also helped me out when upgrading too.

Lots of times the issues people have after and upgrade are related to problems in the [b]chrome[/b] directory:


(your username ... and [i]xxxxxxx[/i] can be a random string)

If you shutdown firefox delete the [b]chrome[/b] (or move it - [b]mv chrome chrome.bak[/b]) and then restart firefox, the chrome directory will be recreated. This [b]WORKSFORME[/b] if I have had strange issues after an upgrade ... and I usually don't have to delete the whole profile directory directory.

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