Which forum software are you using?

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Which forum software are you using?

Post by zeroconf » 2005/01/24 19:04:01

I am intrested about that forum software, what are you currently using for this forum. Is it opensource? Free? I like its features, what I've been seen already.

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Which forum software are you using?

Post by donavan » 2005/01/24 19:51:13

This is newbb2 part of xoops 2. I dont' know if it will work stand alone.


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Re: Which forum software are you using?

Post by mattboston » 2005/01/25 03:28:59

If you're looking for a full CMS system with Forums, Xoops2 seems pretty good. Although I've only been playing with the forums part on the CentOS website.

If you want a standalone forum software, there are 3 leaders.
1. phpBB2 - free
2. Invision Power Board - free odl version / commercial new version
3. vBulletin - commercial, very popular

All three have tons of features, and lots of mods available.

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Re: Which forum software are you using?

Post by Plouplou » 2007/10/31 10:35:26

My personal favorite free forum script is phpBB, but you'll need to have mySQL on your server to run it, and if you're not familiar with the database structure of your server, you'll want to have a MySQL administration console... it makes it a lot easier to manage your databases (free as well, but your webhost may charge for that service).
If you haven't got much time, and want to see what the new phpbb3 can offer, just try it out on this host : [url=http://www.forumotion.com]create forum[/url]

Hope this can help!

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