Urgent attention all CentOS Stream 1905 users - action required

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Urgent attention all CentOS Stream 1905 users - action required

Post by TrevorH » 2019/11/14 00:21:44

If you have used any of the current 1905 CentOS Stream iso images to perform an install then you are currently at risk of missing patches, including those that may fix security vulnerabilities. Only the Stream 1905 iso installs are affected, non-Stream, plain CentOS 8.0.1905 is unaffected and if you install centos-release-stream on 8.0.1905 then it will turn it into Stream.

A problem has been discovered with the current CentOS Stream 1905 iso images. Under at least some circumstances and possibly all CentOS Stream installs will neglect to install the centos-release-stream package which should provide access to the CentOS Stream specific dnf repositories. The effect of this is that the initial will pick up all the latest Stream packages as they are at install time but these will never have been updated since that install. You are potentially missing patches that are in the 8.0.1905 BaseOS/AppStream/PowerTools/extras repos because your currently installed packages are at a higher version number already.

Fortunately the remedy is easy : dnf install -y centos-release-stream and then dnf update

The problem will be fixed in the upcoming 8.1 when it is released. Only those people who use the 1905 media are affected.
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