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When will CentOS 7 be out?

Posted: 2013/12/12 04:31:19
by TrevorH
RHEL 7 beta 1 was released today. There will be no CentOS 7 beta, at least not mirroring the RHEL 7 beta release(s). The reason is - the RHEL7 release is a public beta, you can get it directly from Red Hat, and we want you to do that. Beta test the Red Hat builds, report issues and bugs at as that will help get bugs fixed in time for the RHEL7 GA.

Questions about RHEL7 beta are not on topic on the CentOS forums but you can discuss it in CentOS Social where just about anything goes. Questions like "When will CentOS 7 be released" will just be answered with "When it's ready". We do not know when that will be so don't even ask! ;-)