centos 9 stream selinux

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centos 9 stream selinux

Post by akarner » 2022/03/27 00:01:01

I'm trying to setup my base virtual server image, and I'm running into
# semodule -X 300 -i my-rclocal.pp
Failed to resolve allow statement at /var/lib/selinux/targeted/tmp/modules/200/container/cil:373
Failed to resolve AST
semodule: Failed!

it's not just rules I'm building for rc.local compatibility, but rules from other centos packages as well freeipa.
trying to reinstall all the selinux rpms I get the error as well.

So far the only thing I've gleamed from my searches, is that the se language has changed, and rewriting of some rules is required, but no details on what, where, and when

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Re: centos 9 stream selinux

Post by MSakurai1968 » 2022/04/07 03:41:39

You can probably get the desired information with the following command.

# dnf install -y setools-console # install seinfo command
# seinfo -x --all # show current SELinux rule definition

In my case, the cause of the error was that the "access" permission was changed to "audit_access".

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