Fail2ban for MariaDB

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Fail2ban for MariaDB

Post by hack3rcon » 2020/08/18 05:25:52

I want to configure the Fail2ban for the MariaDB. I created a "mariadb.conf" file under the "/etc/fail2ban/jail.d" directory with below content:

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enabled = true
filter   = mysqld-auth
port     = 3306
maxretry = 3
bantime = 600
logpath  = /var/log/mariadb/mariadb.log
Am I on a right track?

Thank you.

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Re: Fail2ban for MariaDB

Post by BShT » 2020/08/20 12:39:46

test your rule and regex ... ban-regex/

use complete path to log and regex, it will not guess

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