CentOS 8.2, FIPS, and IDM logins not working

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CentOS 8.2, FIPS, and IDM logins not working

Post by VirtualLinux » 2020/07/23 20:42:43


I have RHEL 7 servers acting as IDM servers/cross forest trust gateways betweens our AD servers.

I have RHEL 8.2 and CentOS 8.2 SSSD/IPA clients connecting to these servers with users logging in with AD credentials.

When I enable FIPS mode on these clients, the RHEL 8.2 clients don't seem to have any issues, but the CentOS 8.2 clients, which are built identitically, can no longer authenticate the AD users via SSSD/IPA.

Any thoughts on what CentOS has done differently with FIPS mode than what RHEL has done?

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