sftp and teamviwer

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sftp and teamviwer

Post by nmrdukeman » 2020/07/09 17:20:21

I have a situation that needs some advice. To make the long story short:
1. I have two Centos boxes, A, and B. both on LAN with static IP addresses. Box A has different /home/user directories and each contain data.
2. I have set up Box B as a data server, using rsync/ssh to grab all the /home/user data from Box A.
3. All the /home/user owners in Box A will "sftp" their data with own computers (with assigned static IP addresses) from Box B.

I know I can restrict the IP address accesses into Box B for "sftp" with Iptables.

I know I can also restrict the access of Box B for "rsync/ssh" in Box A with iptables. The question is how about "teamviewer" access to Box A? How can I configure in BoxA to allow "teamviewer" access only?

Hope the above makes sense.

As you can I tell, I need to strictly restrict access from outside for Box A.

Any suggestions would appreciate.

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Re: sftp and teamviwer

Post by TrevorH » 2020/07/09 17:29:38

Both rsync and sftp use the same port: 22, the ssh port unless you're running rsync as a daemon in its own right. Most instances use ssh as a transport. Teamviewer will use a completely different port altogether.
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