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Posted: 2019/12/30 11:11:52
by aghation

Does anyone know if support for u2f yubikey will be added on centos8 like centos 7 on epel with yubiley-manager package? or if there is another way to install this package on centos 8?


Re: Yubikey-support

Posted: 2019/12/30 12:37:42
by TrevorH

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[root@centos8 ~]# dnf info python3-yubico.noarch
Last metadata expiration check: 0:38:49 ago on Mon Dec 30 11:58:19 2019.
Available Packages
Name         : python3-yubico
Version      : 1.3.2
Release      : 9.module_el8.0.0+78+0e94b82a
Architecture : noarch
Size         : 63 k
Source       : python-yubico-1.3.2-9.module_el8.0.0+78+0e94b82a.src.rpm
Repository   : AppStream
Summary      : Pure-python library for interacting with Yubikeys
URL          :
License      : BSD
Description  : Pure-python library for interacting with Yubikeys. For Python 3.

Re: Yubikey-support

Posted: 2019/12/30 15:27:38
by aghation
Thank you for your rapid answer.

Is there anything else to do for use 2FA on chromium or firefox?
I still can't use my yubikey

Re: Yubikey-support

Posted: 2019/12/30 16:03:04
by TrevorH
There are a lot of \*yubi\* packages on el7 that are not present on el8 but they are all in EPEL7 so the best thing you can do is hit and search in the Fedora EPEL section for tickets requesting them to be built for el8 and comment on those if found or raise new ones if not.