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Security profiles

Post by hmobahi2 » 2019/11/06 06:15:27

Hello guys,

I was trying to install Centos 8 and noticed that there is no security profile to be selected (it was empty). Is this going to be added in the future and if not how can I add one manually? The server needs to be compliant with HIPAA and it used to be a HIPAA profile on Centos 7 but it's been removed from CentOS 8. There is this URL option but I am not sure where the security profiles are (on the web) and how to add them to the installation process.


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Re: Security profiles

Post by kkbl » 2020/02/25 15:12:08

It is maybe a solution there. But I'm not sure for CentOS.
First - try to download new SCAP security guide from openscap. This version now is: scap-security-guide-0.1.48-oval-5.10.
Second - so there are some security profiles for RHEL 8. And there is a HIPPAA profile. Try to open with SCAP Workbench and use needed, probably it may help. For me (I use RHEL 8, not CentOS 8) it helps. But it's a pity, that for CentOS 8 there are only standard security baseline and PCI DSS compliance.

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