Error during os provisioning

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Error during os provisioning

Post by soportemodemat » 2022/07/18 22:07:41

Hi Guys.

Please help me try to solve this error that appears during os provisioning of Centos 8.5 2011, the installation stucks with this error: “Started cancel waiting for multipath siblings of sda”.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: Error during os provisioning

Post by jlehtone » 2022/07/19 12:54:39

"Provision"? Do you mean install?

CentOS 8.5 2111 was the last version of CentOS Linux 8. CentOS Linux 8 died last year. It is no more.

If you do now want bug-for-bug RHEL 8 compatible distro, do consider AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, or even the free subscription of RHEL 8. (There are others too, but CentOS is not one of them.)

Websearch with "Started cancel waiting for multipath siblings of" has many hits.
Among them still open RHEL bug:
Since it is still open, the current RHEL 8.6 probably does not have a fix yet.

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Re: Error during os provisioning

Post by toracat » 2023/01/04 02:29:30

Just FIY: this bug seems to have been fixed in RHEL 8.7.
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