Monitoring network traffic

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Monitoring network traffic

Post by wp.rauchholz » 2021/01/27 05:20:56

I finally managed to setup my home server who acts as a modem/router.
Mostly it works fine. But I experience trouble with some webpages and also some apps from my iphone. They don't seem to be able to connect to the remote servers. All ports required ports of internal/external z one are open.
How can I best monitor the network traffic and find out where exactly a the internet connection stops or packets are dropped or blocked?

Thanks ?


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Re: Monitoring network traffic

Post by BShT » 2021/01/29 13:24:15

iptables -vL -n

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Re: Monitoring network traffic

Post by tunk » 2021/01/29 14:17:34

Haven't used it myself, but you could take a look at the traceroute command (and possibly also netstat).

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