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Centos 8 - el8 / epel - vpnc not found

Posted: 2021/01/03 18:09:30
by broadcast
I can't find the vpnc package on el8. It was usually in EPEL. Is there an alternative to Cisco vpnc?

In my work I use Centos 7 as Desktop and I want to upgrade to 8. I have tried to compile myself and have problems with dependencies.

In el7 it is available and in other distributions such as ubuntu, fedora, manjaro ...
I do not understand why in the most business distribution it is not available.

In my work it is necessary to use vpnc. The company is a partner of rh and uses rhel7/8 for servers. I am a developer and I want to continue using a compatible distribution.

It’s the first time I’ve dared to write. I’m a big fan of the hundreds and it’s the first time I don’t know what to do.

Thank you.

Re: Centos 8 - el8 / epel - vpnc not found

Posted: 2021/01/04 01:31:29
by scottro
I have an ancient page on it, which speaks of compiling from source and needed packages for RH based distribtutions, but that page was last updated in 2015. Therefore, I can't tell you if it's still good.

I see there is a vpnc-script and a plasma-nm-vpnc package. (Not sure what repo, I have rpmfusion, epel-testing, and playground all installed).

Re: Centos 8 - el8 / epel - vpnc not found

Posted: 2021/01/04 09:29:51
by broadcast
Thank you very much for the reply.

I did the same but had problems with library (maybe headers) after compilation finished successfully.
Today when I finish work I will continue doing tests in centos8. I will report my progress in this post in case anyone is interested.

I have actually seen that there is a vpnc-scripts package but it is very different from traditional configurations. I don't know if it has the same target.

I keep investigating. Let's see if anyone has had this experience and knows a solution for "el8".