[VNC-LTSP] - unable to have 2 remote session with the same account

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[VNC-LTSP] - unable to have 2 remote session with the same account

Post by Vincent_DORE » 2020/10/02 14:57:28

Hello all !
I configured a lot of CentOS servers based on CentOS 5 & 6 for simulations. I installed tigervnc with vnc-ltsp in order to grant multi-user remote GUI access. I also configured VirtualGL with libjpegturbo for remote 3D rendering. It works perfectly.
Now I need to upgrade some of these servers to CentOS 8.

I successfully installed Tigervnc and vnc-ltsp. But I'm facing 2 problems :

- When a user is remotely log with a VNC session, the same user cannot launch a second VNC session. After entering his password, it comes back to the login screen. But another user can launch a VNC session (but not a second VNC session with the same login). The only error message have found in /var/log/messages is this one but not sure it is linked : Could not delete runtime/persistent state file : Erreur lors de la suppression du fichier /run/usr/0/gnome-shell/runtime-state-le. : Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type.

- When I try to launch vglrun with glxsphere, I obtain : ERROR : Could not connect to VGL client.

Any idea and experiment on these problems ?

Thanks a lot.


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