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Network Interface Configuration

Post by nmrdukeman » 2020/09/23 19:48:12

I have two Centos computers : A and B. Each has a static IP address assigned on the network card (eth0).
Recently, I put another network card on A, and called it eth1.
I want to use eth0 on A for LAN, and to connect eth1 on A to eth0 on B through a cross-over cable.
Question: Can I use same static IP address for both eth0 and eth1 on computer A, or I have to assign a different Static IP to eth1?

Thanks for your help. 8-)


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Re: Network Interface Configuration

Post by TrevorH » 2020/09/23 20:57:26

Each interface needs to have a unique ip address. When you set things up, make sure that you do not set the new interface as the default route or all your traffic that you expect to go to the internet will go via the wrong interface. Also, don't put the new interface in the same subnet as the existing interface - so for example if you have a machine currently with an ip address of and a netmask of then do not pick another ip address from, instead set it up with a different subnet - in the example above, that could be
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