kickstart, pxe, uefi, tftp -- the grub.cfg file

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kickstart, pxe, uefi, tftp -- the grub.cfg file

Post by iwishitwouldwork » 2020/08/11 22:38:35

I think I'm confused about what files belong to which service.

Okay, according to this web page: ... EMLCM12199

It says, in part,
D.1 About PXE Booting and Kickstart Technology
6. By default, the boot image searches the pxelinux.cfg directory on TFTP server for boot configuration files on the TFTP server using the following approach:
First, it searches for the boot configuration file that is named according to the MAC address represented in lower case hexadecimal digits with dash separators. For example, for the MAC Address "88:99:AA:BB:CC:DD", it searches for the file 01-88-99-aa-bb-cc-dd.

Okay, so I have those 01-... files in place. But I'm doing UEFI boot.
Are PXE and UEFI exclusive? Should I not expect the 01-.... files to work?
They aren't, for me. It uses grub.cfg.

Is there something equivalent for UEFI? Where can I find out about it?

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Re: kickstart, pxe, uefi, tftp -- the grub.cfg file

Post by TrevorH » 2020/08/11 22:54:27

It has PXE but it's different.

Try - not 100% what you want to do but close enough so that you can extract the bits you need out of it.
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