problem with ip forwarding in centos 8

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problem with ip forwarding in centos 8

Post by blackmetal » 2020/07/27 16:22:31

I have centos 8 and frrouting and 2x 10gbps and one of the 10gbps is connected to a IP trasit and another one is connected to my switch,
i have bgp by rerouting on that uplink which is connected to my IP transits and i can receive all traffic up to this network interface, but this NIC can not forward traffic to another port , i have checked it with tcpdump and i see traffic on first nic but i can not see that traffic on second nic which is connected to my internal switch,
i have enabled IP forwarding by net.ipv4.forwarding=1 and disabled firwall-cmd,
rp_filter is off as well
any idea?
THank you.

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