Firwalld vs TCP Wrapper/ static IP addresses

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Firwalld vs TCP Wrapper/ static IP addresses

Post by nmrdukeman » 2020/07/24 15:19:41

I have several computers at work that I need to figure out how connect them for ssh. All the computers are run on Centos 8 and 7, and are given a static IP address.
1. With Firewalld on Centos, do I still need TCP wrapper? Can I configure the ssh daemon and allowed IP addresses directly on Firewalld without configuring hosts.allow and hosts.deny.
2. Can I use static IP address from each computer to connect locally with cross-cables, instead of using dhcp addresses as I have found on most of the web, in case I need to put those computers on LAN and go to internet?

Hope they made sense.

Thanks for your help

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