Newbie: Networking CentOS 8 in VBox VM

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Newbie: Networking CentOS 8 in VBox VM

Post by cantfeld » 2020/07/11 12:30:37

Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to Linux and have a software project I'm working on. The VM instance of CentOS 8 needs MySQL installed and prior to that a network connection through a macOS machine. I have a Bridged network adapter set up and cannot connect to the Internet when I make attempts at using dnf for mysql installation. ping gives: "Network is unreachable".

I'm sure I'm missing something but don't know where to start. A point in the direction of the right documentation or a simple walkthrough would be extremely helpful.


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Re: Newbie: Networking CentOS 8 in VBox VM

Post by TrevorH » 2020/07/11 14:56:50

Start by verifying the connection in steps. Is there output from ip link show ? Is the connection up and running and does it have an ip address? Use ip a show to see this. Can you ping but not ping Can you ping your own first hop - use ip route show and try pinging the address listed as being your default route.
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