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How to tell resolveD to use a dns for everything and one dns for a specific domain ???

Posted: 2020/06/26 14:13:03
by SirStephanikus
Hello to everyone

I have to set a DNS server via systemd-resolveD for CentOS 8 that is used for a specific domain (well I did that) AND another DNS Server that resolves everything else that does not match the domain X.

Like this:
DNS Server Search Domain
DNS Server Search Domain <everything else>

My issue here is that I can easily set the DNS for the domain but than those DNS server won't resolve external addresses (the DNS server do not allow any resolving).

This machine is a VM with a single vNIC, no tunnels or other NICs are installed.

How can I split the settings ? Haven't found an ' * ' or similar to it in the manpages.