Trying to load 389 server with users.

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Trying to load 389 server with users.

Post by iwishitwouldwork » 2020/06/15 21:59:55

Centos 8
Fully up to date on patches.

I'm trying to load users into the 389 server.
Here's how I made it (trimming the fs.inf file for
the sake of bandwidth):

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[root@fs ~]# dscreate create-template LDAP/fs.inf

[root@fs ~]# grep -v ^# LDAP/fs.inf  | grep -v ^";" | uniq

config_version = 2

full_machine_name =

selinux = True

start = True

strict_host_checking = False


instance_name = fs

root_dn = cn=DirecMan

root_password = __deleted__


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[root@fs ~]# dscreate from-file LDAP/fs.inf 
[root@fs ~]# dsctl --list

So it's running. Here is my .dsrc file:

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# Note that '/' is replaced to '%%2f'.
uri = ldapi://%%2fvar%%2frun%%2fslapd-fs.socket
###uri = ldap://
basedn = dc=jgscrater,dc=com
binddn = cn=DirecMan
Here's the command I'm trying and the output:

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[root@fs ~]# dsidm -b dc=jgscrater,dc=com -D cn=DirecMan ldap://
:389 user cre
ate	\
--uid jgs	\
--cn jgs	\
--displayName jgs	\
--uidNumber 1000	\
--gidNumber 1000	\
--homeDirectory /home/jgs
Enter password for cn=DirecMan on ldap:// 
Error: No such object

How is it possible that I have the object wrong? Does root's password
have to match the Directory Manager's password (it doesn't)?
Doesn't seem like that should be a requirement. Anyway, the password
that I give at the prompt doesn't complain about a bad password.
And if I deliberately give it the wrong password it does complain
about credentials.

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Re: Trying to load 389 server with users. -- WORKAROUND

Post by iwishitwouldwork » 2020/06/21 16:39:31

Okay, I don't know all of the reasons/answers, but I have a workaround.

My original ".inf" file had a blank

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section. If I use this

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#	this WORKS

sample_entries = yes
suffix = dc=jgscrater,dc=com
Now, it does take BOTH of those lines. It seems to me that
whatever is being created for me, that there ought to be a way
to do it manually. Whatever, I guess.....

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