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Unable to connect into internet

Posted: 2020/06/02 04:01:31
by Thilagarajan
Hi Team

Good day to you

Please kindly advice how can i connect into my internet from my workstation into CentOS 8

Please kindly advice


Re: Unable to connect into internet

Posted: 2020/06/02 08:44:47
by TrevorH
The answer here is that you should consult your local network administration and ask them how to do so. The network parameters you need to know will be the same for a linux system as they are for a Windows one and you will need to know your ip address, the netmask to be used, the gateway to be used and the ip address of a nameserver to resolve names to ip addresses.

Re: Unable to connect into internet

Posted: 2020/06/02 08:54:07
by anglican
It's not clear from your question exactly what the problem is. Are you unable to connect to the internet from a workstation running CentOS 8? If so, we need to know first if your network interface is supported by CentOS, the output of:

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ip a
would be helpful, as it will tell us if the card is recognised with a driver loaded, just not yet configured. Also:

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lspci | grep Ether
Which will list installed ethernet cards. If it's not a card but USB then:

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may give the necessary information. A common cause of this problem is failing to tell CentOS always to use the card when you install it (setting up the network is one of the installer tasks). If you didn't do so then you can easily do this by running either the Network Manager applet (gui) or nmtui if you're not running a gui.

Re: Unable to connect into internet

Posted: 2020/06/09 09:48:03
by Thilagarajan
Hi all

My bad , that issue was related to wrong centos OS