Dedicated Server with CentOS 8 Settings

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Dedicated Server with CentOS 8 Settings

Post by Cedric69004 » 2020/04/11 14:28:32


I am french newbie on linux and CentOS. I have a project to use a dedicated server in order to host private tools for my brother. I have to use this server in order to host a PLM with jboss/mysql and differents websites with apache/mysql. I begin to made the settings, the only way i have to manage this server is the SSH connection. I install Xrdp in order to made a remote access. Can you tell me if there is very important packages to setup at first in order to deploy services like FTP, Sendmail, Http/https, all services for a web server in order to win time.
Thanks for your actions, i take all ideas ;)

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Re: Dedicated Server with CentOS 8 Settings

Post by tunk » 2020/04/11 16:28:32

Don't use FTP, it's not secure.

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Re: Dedicated Server with CentOS 8 Settings

Post by TrevorH » 2020/04/11 16:35:25

And sendmail sounds like a strange choice for a newbie. It's hideous to configure and run. Use postfix instead (which is the default MTA in CentOS anyway).
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Re: Dedicated Server with CentOS 8 Settings

Post by darthbolek » 2020/04/26 15:31:24

podman + containers can save tons of time, but you will have to invest heavily to make it work the way you want
ansible for automation
tmux for terminal convenience

/off topic/
xrdp? I thought you said SSH only...
going to -> they do not even have a certificate / redirection to https (How can they provide secured connection for me, if they can't even protect themselves?)
trying -> SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN - I feel adventurous today, let's click add exception and look at the certificate:

Organization GitHub, Inc.
Common Name *

So, they are using certificate issued for github. I don't think they stole it from github, I think they are github...
isn't github owned by Microsoft?
Microsoft handling my security? :lol:

Thank you for the LOLs!

Disclaimer: I didn't really research what xrdp can do beyond what's above.

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